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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quail at Home (Wilby)

It has been a fantastic year for quail. I have recorded 4 species at home in the paddocks behind the garden, and even Little Button-quail in the garden itself.

A walk this evening along Martin Street behind home was sensational for quail. Martin Street is the most northern street in Wilby and has a few houses but most of the land in wheat and canola paddocks. Many Stubble Quail were calling and flushed. Two Brown Quail also seen. One Little Button-quail was near the corner with the Yarrawonga Rd. Then the best bird of all, a female Red-chested Button-quail. I had been hearing this species on and off over the last few months at night, never seen one though. Then I flushed one from the weedy edge of a canola crop. Excellent!!!

Spotted Harrier and Nankeen Night Herons also good sightings for the day.

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